Having detailed information on your individual physiology allows our practitioners to create the most individualized treatment plans.


Advanced Hormone Testing

Hormone testing is useful when determining imbalances that may be causing fertility issues, menopause, PMS, irregular menses, PCOS, low libido, hair loss or excess hair growth, excess stress, burnout and bone loss. Our practitioners typically use a combination of blood, salivary and/or urine metabolites to assess hormone levels in the body.  The Comprehensive Hormone Analysis our practitioners use at Valero Wellness assesses male and female hormones, adrenal hormones, as well as neurotransmitter and nutrient metabolites that can give insight into mood disorders, fatigue, and detox pathway issues.  This is the most comprehensive testing to get to the root problem of any hormonal based concerns.  


We may require you to get certain blood work testing done in order to best assess your present health status and the root causes of your health concerns as well as to ensure eligibility for intravenous therapies.

Naturopathic Assessment

Naturopathic medicine is a system of health care that evaluates a person in a truly holistic fashion.  An initial intake will take approximately 60-90 minutes and we will assess your diet, screen for nutritional deficiencies, hormonal imbalances, allergies and sensitivities, both food and environmental, digestive imbalances, environmental toxicities, infections, and mental/emotional health.

After taking a thorough history, reviewing chief concerns and conducting a physical exam your naturopathic doctor will design a treatment plan individualized to your specific needs.

Naturopathic doctors are all extensively trained in Traditional Chinese Medicine and so we may use tongue and pulse diagnostic tools to help us put together appropriate acupuncture protocols as needed.

Live Blood Cell Analysis

Our Holistic Nutritionist Alexandra King CNP, CHCP offers live blood cell analysis at Valero Wellness.

Live Blood Cell Analysis involves magnifying a single living drop of blood taken from a finger tip prick to 1500 times under a microscope.  The cells of the blood are observed on a monitor, revealing certain subtleties of what is going on inside the body. 

The live blood thus acts as an educational tool.  Positive changes in the structure of the blood cells can be viewed over time, within a matter of weeks or months, depending on beneficial lifestyle changes made.  Although live blood analysis is not diagnostic, it is a powerful tool for prevention and awareness of one’s health.  

What may be discovered from live blood cell analysis:  digestive issues, insight into poor food metabolism and nutrient absorption concerns, hormone imbalances, liver conditions/stress, detoxification function, fatigue, immune system status, bacteria and parasite involvement, yeast balance, environmental sensitivities and more.

Food Intolerance Testing

Food intolerances (mediated by Immunoglobulin G IgG) are different from food allergies (mediated by Immunoglobulin E IgE).  The latter leads to symptoms of anaphylaxis and can be life threatening whereas food sensitivities are what occurs when you are unable to tolerate certain foods as they activate the innate immune system, giving rise to inflammatory processes in the body.  These reactions can manifest as chronic fatigue, IBS/digestive disorders, migraines, weight issues, skin disorders, arthritis and other concerns.

Comprehensive Stool Analysis

Stool testing is a non-invasive tool that can detect the presence of pathogenic microorganisms such as yeast, parasites, and bacteria.  Our testing will also break down the levels of beneficial gut flora, intestinal immune function markers, inflammatory markers, and overall intestinal health status.

This testing is very helpful in determining the root cause of a variety of chronic illnesses and is especially helpful for IBS, colitis, and improving many skin disorders.