Love From Dr. Valero

Sonia Coletti has been a dear patient of mine for many, many years. I am truly blessed to have had the honour of being her doctor. She sadly passed yesterday evening and will be terribly missed by all those she touched in Windsor and Essex County and especially our entire staff and fellow patients at Valero Wellness. Sonia was a beautiful, caring soul, who always looked out for others. In her final days, Sonia requested that her family set up a fund and create an initiative to bring awareness to Naturopathic Medicine and Naturopathic Oncology. This fund will be used to financially support patients receiving adjunctive cancer care at Valero Wellness. 

My practice focuses on supporting patients through cancer care in any capacity, from prevention, to active conventional treatment, to palliative care. We also support patients in unfortunate situations when no conventional treatment options are available to them. We work collaboratively with conventional teams and strive to improve quality of life, establishing wellness, pain management, and aim to improve survival times. 

Naturopathic Medicine is not funded by OHIP and as a result patients cannot always access this type of care as much as they need or sometimes at all. Sonia’s initiative and the support of her incredible family will help many deserving patients access treatments that are currently making tremendous improvements in their health and quality of life. We will be building upon this initiative in the coming months and will be coordinating events to help make this fund permanent and ensure its replenishment to continue to support our patients in the Windsor-Essex community.