Welcome to Valero Wellness

Optimizing Wellness and Transforming Health

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Valero Wellness is a group of like-minded health-care providers who believe the secret to good health is compassionate, collaborative, and individualized care


Meet the Team


Dr. Meighan Valero, ND

The Founder and Clinical Director of Valero Wellness. Her practice focus is in adjunctive cancer care and chronic illness.


Dr. Shana Dowdell, ND

Dr. Dowdell focuses on promoting and maintaining overall health and prevention of disease. She has a special focus adjunctive cancer care.


Dr. Sara Henderson, ND

Dr. Sara has a special interest in gastrointestinal and immune disturbances, women’s health and fertility, as well as, pediatrics and mental health.


Dr. Harrison Oake, ND

Dr. Oake focuses in performance medicine; helping you perform your best on the court, the field, in the classroom, in the workplace, in the home, and in life.


Alex King, BASc, CNP, CHCP

Alex is a holistic nutritionist whose mission is to educate and empower her clients to eat, look and feel their best.


Sandy Rosaasen, RMT

Meet Sandy Rosaasen: She is a Registered Massage Therapist with a perfect healing touch to help you feel relaxed and renewed.


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